About me

I think most women have wished at least once they were a princess… I am no exception.
Princesses have this halo of elegance, beauty and kindness.
So when choosing a name to share my sewing adventures in a blog I came up with Sewing Princess.
I have been sewing ever since I was little… my mom has taught me how to sew and I have always been fascinated by her work.
Though we live many kilometers apart, I can always turn to her for tips and advice.
It’s only in 2010, however, that I started making my own clothes and learning about patternmaking. All the beautiful sewing blogs out there have provided me with inspiration and extensive learning opportunities….not to mention the great community spirit.

So, I am always eager to learn and improve through trial and error, push boundaries and get help and comments of more experienced readers throughout the world.

After having found heaps of inspiration and knowledge online and reading daily about the work of these amazing women, I decided to set up this blog.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, relax and enjoy.

It’s my greatest pleasure to have you here!


  1. Ciao Silvia e complimenti per le tue creazioni. Gli abiti sono bellissimi , poi la borsa in pizzo nero è favolosa! Li fai solo per te o su ordinazione vendi almeno gli accessori? tipo la borsa…ho intravisto i bavaglini dei nipoti, ma non ho fatto in tempo a farli rivedere ad Erica, ho perso le immagini! Consigliami qualche sito interessante.. per le tue belle ” spille”in stoffa, hai usato qualche strumento in vendita in fiera? tienimi aggiornata . Saluti rina e famiglia