Burdastyle 03/2008 112 Dangerous Curves Dress


Where are those dangerous curves? Will Burdastyle 03/2008 112 enhance my curves, like Gertie’s bombshell dress? They are legitimate questions ;) if you had been behind the camera taking these pictures you would have seen them.
But I was on my own with the camera…and I didn’t until I sat down to look at the pictures…So I thought it would be fun to share this picture with you.
Regular readers know I like to joke, right?…if you are a new reader, welcome! I am happy to have you here. Sewing shouldn’t be too serious….it should be fun and good for a laugh too!


Well, you wouldn’t guess that from this picture. Clearly smiling in front of a camera/tripod is harder than when having a human being behind the camera telling you funny things. So, don’t mind my face…just focus on the dress made with Burdastyle 03/2008 112A pattern ;) It’s the first time ever I have sewn with chiffon. I scored a piece last year and it was sold to me as silk, but as it doesn’t wrinkle I really doubt it is.


I had already made this dress in cotton back in 2009 pre-blogging days. And it’s one of those rare makes that doesn’t require any fit adjustment! Yeah!

Above you can see some details and mistakes. I chose a knit lining and two-thread rolled hem. When I attached the bias straps I didn’t manage to properly cover up parts of the serged seams. I should have not finished the seams but I didn’t want them to fray. And the second mistake was really accidental and only became apparent when I wore the dress the first time…I folded over one side more than the other. It’s not noticeable from the outside because of the draping…so I will just leave it.  Oh, and I used my machine’s letter embroidery function on a piece of muslin…my proper labels are black. It doesn’t look quite as professional as a woven label, though.


As usual in my recent projects, I didn’t have enough fabric so I couldn’t cut the front bodice on the bias. I thought the fabric was drapey enough and could get away with it. I thought I’d mention it because a bias-cut fabric may drape even better. I also had to chop off part of the fold-over facing.

Burda 03/2008 112a dress

(c) Burda

This is the original Burdastyle pattern as it appeared on the magazine.

Have you started thinking about fall sewing project or are you still in the summer mood? As for me, I may just move to Australia for a few months…I am still sewing summer clothes.



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  1. Gorgeous dress, love the flowy fabric and fits you perfectly! I’m still in summer mode too, but did start a lightweight gaberdine peplum on a whim recently…tip toes…

  2. Very feminine and it looks great on you! Things are definitely getting chilly here and I have worn a lightweight jacket for the past two days so yes, I’m thinking of fall sewing. I’m thinking about a couple of wool dresses for work – I hate wearing a suit every day of the week.
    Andrea recently posted..Amiga de Verano

  3. Very cute dress! Great job with the chiffon. I’m sure you’ll have a couple more months of warm weather to enjoy the dress!

    • Jean, thanks for the very optimistic thought…in the meantime temperatures dropped considerably…can´t believe less than a month ago or even last week I was dreaming for cooler weather…now onto woolen cardis! I guess it´s much warmer in sunny California, right?

  4. That was such a cute post and you look so pretty! Oddly enough, I lived in Australia for two years and I actually owned a dress that was very similar to this one and wore it all the time there (it was a darker colour, but still a floral and still chiffon though, bought at the market in Melbourne!). Enjoy the warm weather that you have remaining. :)
    Stephanie recently posted..Weekend sewing

  5. I am still sewing summer stuff because it’s so hot here. Today it’s +32C and the weather forecast does not show anything below +28 for the next 2 weeks. But I did purchase some nice wool in anticipation of a sudden autumn attack :)
    Thewallinna recently posted..History of the jacket

  6. I really like your dress! And the fabric you chose is very romantic. I think it is a very easy to wear dress, specially for summer. Though, the knit lining maybe it’s not the perfect option for summer dresses, because it makes you sweat. I surely have that problem! Anyway, i wish you a good time in Australia, where you can enjoy your new dress much longer!
    Marilo recently posted..Επιτέλους φόρεμα!

    • The lining is very light so not much sweating…that said temperatures don´t go above 32 degrees generally where I live. I know that when I go further south anything makes me sweat too…then I just want to go to the beach or up in the mountains.

  7. It’s raining here today…summer sewing is definitely done!
    And don’t forget to send me your address…you won my giveaway. Congratulations.
    PendleStitches recently posted..When OK just isn’t good enough

  8. Don’t tell me it’s fall already in Italy! My parents are taking me for a long weekend ( to Colli something, I’ll have to find out where exactly) at the end of September! (At the least, it’s going to be better than the rainy 15°C we’re currently having in Berlin…)
    Anyways, I like your beautiful sundress, and I think the label is especially pretty! :)
    Alessa recently posted..Plum Buchteln

    • No, Alessa, it´s not that bad. Today it´s sunny and though temperatures are lower it´s still 26 degrees out right now. Depending on where this Colli is it may be warmer. Generally it will be warmer than in Berlin for sure (should a snow storm hit Italy when you are here don´t sue me, please ;)

  9. This dress would be perfect in Australia, we’re going to have a very hot summer. As long as you stood up straight!
    Kristy recently posted..Vintage fabric and sewing notions auction

  10. Menudo vestido más sexy!!!! Te queda muy bien.
    Oye no te olvides de nosotras cuando te vayas a Australia, ja, ja, ja! Buen viaje!!!!!
    Maider…Masustak recently posted..For him…

  11. Yes please (to moving to Australia). OMG we would have so much fun-I would love to meet up with you in real life. Also the dress is very pretty but I’m too distracted by the thought of you in Oz to say much more at the mo’ XD
    theperfectnose recently posted..Meetup: Modern Love. Bendigo Art Gallery. November 2013

  12. I agree. Moving to Australia for 6 months of the year would be awesome. I don’t want summer to end either.