Meet Mrs Grey – A Sewing Princess Wedding


The color was a straightforward decision given my 50 shades of grey challenge. And the husband …well, of course he had been chosen beforehand!


All other decisions: the guest list, location, date, the menu, the wedding outfit, the rings, the decorations were taken pretty easily and rather quickly…all to have a minimalistic, no fuss but nice wedding…just like we were hoping for. June 1, 2013 was our big day.


And I made my wedding outfit…Giorgio Armani was too busy on such a short notice so I thought I might as well do it myself, right? ;)


The rosettes were an unplanned add-on. My mom gave me the idea. I like how it turned out.

Bouquet and wedding band

On your right is my wedding band…and on the left my 30th birthday present from my parents. Though it may come as a surprise, in Italy engagement rings are not very common nor is being engaged as such. Some people get an engagement ring early on in the relationship or never. It’s quite flexible. The more formal ‘engagement’ got lost in the 60s…those days people even arranged to go out for lunch so that both families could meet. People do propose in Italy and it can be more or less choreographed depending on the situation.

Sunray bag constructivism

I was very proud of how the handbag turned out…the instructions really helped.


Wedding favors are normally a big thing in Italy…I went for the minimal route… got all my supplies online and made the little name cards to match the invitations. The tradition is to fill them with confetti, e.g. sugar-coated almond sweets…I went for sugar based candies typical of my childhood.

favor tray

Food is a big thing at wedding in Italy…unless you try it once it’s very hard to imagine how big…ours wasn’t too large but what you see on the menu are different courses.

I guess you can’t say it unless you try it for yourself…but I was happy to find out that you can have a stress-less partly-homemade wedding and even get to eat the food at your own wedding…my love for food will never change!

I want to thank my mom, my husband, my sewing instructor and you, my lovely readers, for making this possible: you made this Mrs Grey – Sewing Princess Wedding possible.

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Author: Sewing Princess - Silvia

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  1. Guapísima, muchas felicidades !!!
    paco peralta recently posted..8-GORE SKIRT.-

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  3. What a gorgeously stylish dress. You look so beautiful. And I love that you managed a stress-free wedding. A rare thing indeed! :-)

  4. ¡Muchísimas felicidades Silvia!
    Es una preciosidad de vestido, estás guapísima. Gracias por compartir estos momentos con nosotras.
    Os deseo lo mejor

  5. Congratulations! Your dress and accessories are gorgeous!

  6. Congratulations to you and your new husband! Wow — you look absolutely beautiful in your gorgeous outfit. I love the addition of the flowers. Even the bag is perfect! Best wishes!

  7. Congratulations, Silvia, and much luck and happiness to you and your husband! Your wedding outfit looks beautiful, and the purse is very pretty! I’ve never heard of wedding favors but I like the idea. :)
    Alessa recently posted..Starlet Suit Combo

  8. How wonderful! Congratulations to you and Marco. I love the simplicity of your wedding – how chic.

    I think the rosettes on the dress are a wonderful idea. Mums know best!

  9. Warmest congratulations to you both Silvia & Marco. And your dress is beautiful :) !

  10. You’re beautiful! Congratulations and best wishes to both of you!
    theperfectnose recently posted..The Bra Sewing Survey

  11. Auguri! You and your outfit are both gorgeous!

  12. More congratulations. I’m beyond thrilled for you both. You look radiant and so very happy. Your dress is beautiful. Marco is one very lucky guy. I wish you both every joy in the world.
    PendleStitches recently posted..Burda Plus Spring/Summer 2013 – Skirt 407 – FO 13/2013

  13. Silvia, tanti tanti tanti auguri!!!
    Ri-Twenty recently posted..Ri-Twenty in Vintageland

  14. A gorgeous dress! And what lovely wedding bits! Congratulations & much happiness to you both. I love dragée!

  15. Congratulations! Your dress is simply lovely and you look radiant!

  16. You and your dress look beautiful and your wedding day sounds so lovely. Congratulations, I wish you and your husband much happiness and good health for the future.
    PS: I think the rosettes are such a gorgeous finish to your dress.

  17. Felicidades Silvia!!!!!!!!! Estas guapísima y radiante! Me encanta el contraste del gris con el rojo de las rosas! El vestido te queda genial, super bien ajustado.
    Muchas gracias por compartir fotos de ese día con todas nosotras :-)

  18. Congratulation Silvia!!!! The dress is gorgeous and the rosettes are so delicate and well made! I love the pochette too!! Veramente un bel lavoro e tu sei bellissima! Bravissima!!!
    Giusy recently posted..Do you Pinterest?

  19. Congratulations! Your dress is really lovely!

  20. Congratulation! You look so beautiful and I love the dress .Your wedding was so well done,much happiness to you.

  21. Congratulations! What a beautiful dress! I love the nontraditional grey. So modern!

  22. You kept that very quiet! Not a peep on the blog as far as I can remember. You look absolutely stunning. Your husband is very clever for choosing such a talented beautiful women to be his partner :)

  23. So very beautiful! All the details add up to one elegant wedding outfit. Congratulations!
    Amy recently posted..Retro Floral Dress for a Wedding

  24. Wow! That is such a lovely and perfect wedding dress. Congratulations! Kate

  25. You look wonderful, as does your dress. I do love the style and color of it very much. The presents look very nice as well. Great to have been able to make those yourself too.
    Sigrid recently posted..SA ruler–coupon code

  26. Congratulations! You look very beautiful, as does your dress. Well done and great to have things partly done yourself too. Looks lovely.

  27. ancora congratulazioni, silvia e marco!
    il vestito, lo scialle e la pochette sono proprio belli. vorremmo altre foto!

  28. Auguri! che bella!!!! your dress is beautiful and lovely photos. what a wonderful post. The purse is so clever. Love your whole outfit. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.
    Beth Galvin recently posted..Girl Charlee Knit t-shirt and Happy 5th of July

  29. Armani no lo hubiera hecho mejor! Yo tambien tuve una boda sencilla y familiar, pero la mia fué en diciembre.
    Me ha encantado el vestido y todos los detallitos
    Que seais muy felices!

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