Perfect Pencil Skirt – Apron Skirt by Paco Peralta

Apron Skirt - Pencil Skirt lining
I think I have found the perfect Pencil Skirt! For this I have to thank Paco who designed a flattering pattern precisely for my measurements. I mean I only had to adjust the length and nothing else! This is a seamstress dream come true!
Apron Skirt - Pencil Skirt back
The part I was fearing the most: sewing the apron part turned out to be very easy. Out of all the possible techniques I used Ruth’s method. But I took the super-safe option of machine basting the seamlines, hand basting the apron seam allowance and then hand basting everything together as I didn’t want to risk it.
Apron Skirt - Pencil Skirt
I love topstitching…thankfully my machine has a special foot that makes it work like a charm.
Apron Skirt - Pencil Skirt seams
The background story: When Paco released his two new patterns, I asked him to set aside the Treky top for me. I wasn’t sure about the skirt. These days I don’t wear high-waisted skirts, I wasn’t confident about the skirt style on me and I thought the apron part would be difficult to sew. Then when we met in Barcelona, Paco gifted me both patterns and I made the skirt first from my stash. Turns out I was completely wrong! Sometimes it’s worth daring.
Apron Skirt - Pencil Skirt lining
The mishaps: Boy this skirt had some serious mishaps…I burned the fabric as I was adding the last piece interfacing…and I only had one strip of fabric left that barely fit.
As I was assembling this piece…the seams didn’t match up: I cut the original longer version…so the vent was now too low. As I didn’t have any fabric left, I patched up the missing bit (you may still see in on the vent interior left-hand side).

I stretched the lining too much and had to fold it slightly…see the right-hand side white lining. Not perfect but invisible from the outside.

I am happy to report that luckily no zipper broke!
Apron Skirt - Pencil Skirt lining

What’s up with the lining? This skirt is made from stash fabric and I said to myself it was pointless to waste some perfectly good lining just because I didn’t have enough for the whole skirt. So, I set my imagination free (OK this is a clear exaggeration…but I am normally not this creative) and came up with this…I like looking at this design feature

You may have noticed I’m using a different shade of grey :) In my next post I aim to show you how versatile this skirt and the color are!

Do you wear high-wasted garments or prefer a low-waist?

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  3. The first time I saw this skirt it was love at first sight. Now I want to make it but to wait on the mail for this pattern will be like forever (I live in the Caribbean). I am going to try my hand at drafting it.

    It really does look fantastic on you. Thanks for the view.

  4. Very nice skirt! I prefer low-waist, but want to make one high-waist for my wardrobe too.
    Sewing Sveta recently posted..Blue dress from Burda 09/2012, facts

  5. He mirado este patron una y otra vez–queriendo y no queriendo comprarlo. I have one of the shortest waists on the planet (pequeña exageración), and high-waisted skirts make me look terrible. I would hate to ruin Paco’s design by lowering the waist. I wonder if it would be a good idea or a bad one. This thinking always stops me from purchasing the pattern. ¿Qué opinas?

    • Hola Jody! ya te entiendo! You can certainly lower the waist on the pattern. As for the design you would lose the curved and narrow bit at the top. I find that part defines the waist. But certainly you could do it. You would also need to redraw the self facing on the pattern. You could visually try to mimic the result by cutting out that part on my picture. If you need more info just drop me an email.
      Sewing Princess recently posted..Apron Skirt with a twist and Sew Grateful giveaway winners

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  7. That’s a very interesting pattern, and it suits you so much. It looks beautifully made, too.
    alice recently posted..Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt and Sirdar 8486

  8. Wow, I’m impressed with the amazing fit you got on this one. It’s a beautiful skirt.

  9. The skirt looks great on you. Now I want to make one! Kate
    Kate McIvor recently posted..The Book Club Oprah Shirt Project

  10. This is an incredibly beautiful skirt! I love high-waisted skirts, personally, and this pattern is just perfect!

  11. It’s gorgeous. And the finishing is impeccable. What a great pattern! I actually really love the mis-matched lining fabrics – gives it a bit of interest! Looking great :) (ps – i prefer a higher waist skirt – so much more flattering on the majority of figures I think)
    poppyketttle recently posted..NL6735: Latte and Lace

  12. Oh my goodness…this is EXQUISITE! I’m in awe of your construction skills.
    Evie recently posted..Fire up the Quattro!

  13. Hola! That’s amazing! great fit on you and I really like the shape, I haven’t a favorite skirt style, when I wear a high waist or a pencil skirt I like high hill shoes or boots to seems taller.
    Giusy recently posted..Amitiè – Friendship – Amicizia

  14. OMG, Silvia that skirt looks AMAZING on you! I bet you have already gotten a ton of wear form it (and your adventures in gray continue, I see). Personally, I stay away from high-waisted and pencil skirts. I admire them on other people but being short-waisted and pear-shaped means that high waisted skirts end up hitting to close to my bust line and accentuate the widest part of my body at the thighs. Not a good look for me, but you my friend are rocking it!
    Andrea recently posted..Reproduction

  15. Perfect skirt! Great fit and really good looking. Glad I could help.
    Ruth recently posted..Back to Basics

  16. Your skirt is perfect! The fit is amazing and the details are well done. Great job!
    jean recently posted..Love My Sculptured Peplum Jacket

  17. ¡Silvia es una preciosidad de falda! Me acabas de dar una envidia tremenda, a la mia solo le falta la cremallera que, por cierto también es gris :)
    Mari Cruz recently posted..NEW GIRL RED DRESS

  18. Nice! And you did well to persist with the disaster-prone one as well. I like paco’s stuff but the shipping to Oz-man if I had that kind of money I’d buy all of Merchant & Mill’s patterns XD I prefer low waists on pants-with skirts it really doesn’t matter if the fabric’s stretch but I rarely wear skirts so it’s not a big deal..
    theperfectnose recently posted..Sew Grateful Week Giveaway F*ck Yea!

  19. Beautiful skirt! It is so well done and a great fit, excellent work.
    Jenny recently posted..Organizing My Sewing Tools

  20. Hola Silvia! Me encanta la falda, te ha quedado perfecta, como bien dices. Y el forro es increible. Da gusto ver tus trabajos tan bonitos. Un baccio