Herringbone A-line skirt

Herringbone A-line skirt

Ok…I know this is not grey…but I had to make an orange herringbone A-line from the moment I saw it online

Herringbone A-line skirt

After scouring the internet I found a great shop (Clothspot) that had the perfect wool…except it was sold out and I had to wait a few days before restocking…

While (im-)patiently waiting I found the perfect lining to go with it: this perfect and luxurious Chocolate orange shot taffeta…and a couple of other items to spread out the shipping charges.

As soon as the fabric arrived I got started…determined to try out the lining encasing technique that would make my skirt pretty on the inside…as you can see I really wanted to wear it that way…
But there were two things that made my journey more troublesome….If you encase the lining you can’t install the invisible zipper by turning the facing! So I had to resort to a hook and eye to keep the top closed.

But what really slowed me down was the zipper…I was jumping of joy when I found a matching invisible zipper… and I nearly jumped out of the window (ok, I am exaggerating here! but you get the point) when I was ironing my perfectly inserted zipper….and it broke! After trying all sorts of tools I had to admit defeat…

Problem was I had to wait to find a replacement…there are not many haberdashery shops where I live but their selection is limited so I normally buy my zippers at the weekly market… but I had to go to Brussels for work that weekend…so had to go around the city to find a shop…
Luckily at Mercerie de Bruxelles I found what I needed: 3 dark orange invisible zippers just in case!

That’s how a normally quick project took nearly a month to complete!

Wishing you a great week!

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  2. hi Silvia, I just discovered your blog (it’s great!) but here I wanted to thank you for showing me what I can find in my hometown (Brussels!). I had to laugh when I realise you were actually helped in your project from a little town like this one. Must visit this shop and see for myself!!!

  3. I still think the lining looks great!
    Sky Turtle recently posted..How to Get Perfect Darts with Tailor Tacks

  4. Oh, it’s wonderful! Such a beautiful fabric and it looks lovely on you! A perfect skirt!
    Alessa recently posted..Looking back on 2012

  5. Very cute skirt! You are able to wear the colors that I can’t! I love your shoes too. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Silvia, you skirt is so beautiful (as are your shoes and matching ring!). The lining you chose is perfect too. I never heard of the encased lining technique before – it looks super professional. This is a fabulous outfit!

  7. That colour is gorgeous, and the lining is so pretty! Sorry to hear of the zipper hassle, I’ve never had that problem but I suspect I may be lucky!
    Vicki Kate recently posted..Belated Birthday Thank You

  8. Your skirt is really gorgeous, inside and out. Just love the colors!

  9. Your skirt is absolutely divine. I applaud you on seeing the project through with the challenges that you had. I think A line skirts are the best.
    Trudy Callan recently posted..What I’ve Been Up To

  10. Really lovely skirt! As is the denim A-line you made previously. The orange herringbone is perfect.

  11. Just beautiful. Elegant and chic…and so lovely on the inside. The colour is sublime.
    Evie recently posted..Purple panic for Poppy’s party

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