Why I am giving up on Pinterest – Perche’ smetto di usare Pinterest


After I read a post at Stitch and witter and another informative one by lawyer photographer at DKK Portraits it became clear to me that I can no longer be on Pinterest. I am sorry because I really liked having a Visual Bookmarking tool.

However, I don´t want to get into legal trouble. So, unless the Terms and Conditions change I won´t be using Pinterest any longer.

What´s your view on this? Feel free to spread the information, it´s really crucial.

Dopo aver letto il post di Stitch and witter e quello dell’avvocato fotografo di DKK Portraits
mi e´ sembrato chiaro che non potessi piu’ usare Pinterest. Mi dispiace perche’ era un ottimo metodo di avere dei Preferiti visuali.

Ma non voglio rischiare beghe legali. Quindi, a meno che non cambino le condizioni di utilizzo, faro’ a meno di Pinterest.

E voi cosa ne pensate? Fate pure circolare l’informazione, e’ importante.

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  1. Dodgy T&C indeed. But authors, artists, musicians & other copyright owners are also frequently too precious & self-important about their work, sometimes imagining there’s lost income where there really isn’t. For most, annoying fans with such complaints and they’ll languish in obscurity. If that’s what they want, then fine. Most images & work are not totally irreplaceable by something else. The smart one would harness public interest & leverage their influence to build a personal brand, not threaten fans.