About Sewing Princess


Princesses have this halo of elegance, beauty and kindness. So when I had to choose a name to blog about my sewing adventures I came up with Sewing Princess.

I have been sewing ever since I was little… my mom has taught me how to sew and I have always been fascinated by her work. Though we live many kilometers apart, I can always turn to her for tips and advice. It’s only few years ago, however, that I started making my own clothes and learning about patternmaking. So, I started from scratch like many of you…but I hope to learn more through trial and error, and the help and comments of more experienced ladies throughout the world.

After having found heaps of inspiration and knowledge online and reading daily about the work of these amazing women, in 2010 I decided it was time to join in and start this blog.

I am very honored that you’re reading this blog. Your comments make me very happy!

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Author: Sewing Princess - Silvia

Join me for a journey to making my own wardrobe, pattern drafting and getting involved in the sewing community


  1. Hi there, I have a couple of awards for you over at http://bellemegan.wordpress.com/2012/12/13/blog-awards-thanks-and-apologies/ Keep up the fab posts! Anne

  2. I’m your newest follower. I’ve just recently joined the blogging,sewing and refashioning community. I’ve been meeting the most incredible seamstresses and learning from them all.

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